can i buy Lyrica online Well, my right hand man quit abruptly last week which leaves me without any help currently. Friendly, and exceedingly knowledgeable customer service is an absolute must for me in this shop. In the past, it has taken us on average 2.5 months to hire someone when we start looking. That does not include training once they are hired. So, staying open 7 days a week right now would likely have me working every day for the entire Summer. Aside from being far from ideal for me, not fair to my wife and family when the kids are out of school! Know someone who would be a good fit here? Please have them bring by a resume in person. We’ll be closed Monday and Tuesday until we can get staffed up again.

useful reference Now the good news. We’ll be moving in Summer 2018. We won’t be going far from our current spot and don’t know where yet, but definitely moving in one year. The move will initiate ‘phase 2’ of Lafayette Homebrew Supply. Still working out details, but it will likely include a BOP (Brew On Premises), Wine On Premises, specialty bottle shop and some fun things to do while you’re brewing on our equipment! Our core homebrew shop will remain the center of all we do and will get a few enhancements as well. I’m choosing to adapt rather than give up in what has been leaner times in the homebrew industry since about mid-2015, but for now just holding out until the move/transition in a year. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience on the change in hours, and we’ll get back to 7 days a week as soon as possible without compromising our dedication to the absolute best, most knowledgeable customer service possible. Hours of operation Wednesday – Sunday will remain unchanged.

You all are the best friends/customers anyone could ask for!