After 4 unforgettable years as Lafayette Homebrew Supply, its time to close our doors. If you’re not on our email list and have arrived here without the info in the email, let me first point out the following:

1742 buy tinidazole 500mg – The pro-am competition with The Post Brewing Co will proceed as planned and nothing about the contest, judging, prizes or awards ceremony will be affected. – If you have outstanding gift cards, now is the time to come in and use your credit before its too late. Closing sale discounts will apply to purchases made with a gift card. We will not be selling any more gift cards.

– Beginning this Thursday, October 26th, everything in the shop will be 25% off regular prices. Our last day of business will be Saturday, November 11th. When we are out of something, its gone for good, and starting in November we will no longer take returns. Our current hours will continue (11-7 Wednesday through Friday, 10-5 Saturday, 10-3 Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday).

– We will still honor Spoton rewards only if the discount redeemed through that system is greater than our closing sale discounts already in place. In other words, you get whichever discount saves you the most, but we will not combine both in one transaction.

– If you are interested in any shelving, fridges, etc. just make me and offer and we’ll see if we can work something out. You would have to be able to pick up any of these items between 11/12 and 11/14.

– For now, we’ll keep our facebook page up and maintain our website and email to stay in touch. Many of you have become more of a friend than a customer and that way we can still communicate or at least stay connected as a home fermenting community.


So, allow me to say a few words about our decision. First off, we are not being kicked out by Flatirons Community Church. They did explicitly say they would not be renewing our lease when term ends, but the time line of our rapid closing is my choice. Please do not ask any more questions to me personally regarding FCC. I am legally bound to not disclose any of the details of our recent legal agreement. Out of respect, please honor that I can not talk about this.

The real reason we’re shutting down is that its becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the internet. As you know, multi-million dollar retailers are going bankrupt right and left recently. The combination of the overwhelming majority of Americans now owning smart phones and the monumental shift to online shopping is really hurting us, like so many brick and morter stores. Even some of my best customers over the last couple of years come in talking about how they got x, y or z piece of equipment online, despite our carrying these products. More and more people are getting brew kits online and just coming in for yeast. Its near impossible competing with online prices these days. In some cases, an online retailer will be selling a product for less than my wholesale cost of the product. We’re making ends meet, but have seen a serious downtrend in revenue since 2015, especially in equipment and we wouldn’t survive selling ingredients alone. I don’t blame anyone for the situation, it is the way of the world. It is a sad announcement for me, although it honestly was not a very difficult decision.

We had previously planned to relocate and open a BOP (brew on premises) and keep the homebrew shop going as well. With a new shop/BOP opening in Longmont and a BOP just south of us in Westminster, market research shows that we would be hard pressed to be profitable in the Lafayette/Louisville/Erie area.

Simply moving and making some minor adjustments to the homebrew shop operations and signing a new multiple year lease just doesn’t really make sense right now looking at our numbers. I’ve maintained my businesses plan that I would run and manage this shop myself, and I’m still not willing to turn it over to someone else. I wanted it run my way with the best possible customer service I could possibly provide, and hopefully you have appreciated that.

If I could go back to 2013, I would do it all over again absolutely! No regrets. I’ve learned so much, helped lots of non-profits and charities, worked with excellent breweries and other businesses, and gotten to know so many of you great people. It’s been an absolute pleasure helping people learn brewing science, ferment their best, troubleshoot issues, expand their homebrewery, learn wine-making, come up with creative ideas, and many times really just connecting with people who love what I love. I will miss this job, but life goes on. Homebrew shops come and go, but your passion for fermentation shouldn’t!

Thank you for the support and the memories….