Our family does an annual Spring trip to the YMCA of the Rockies to chill in a cabin and run around in the woods for a couple of days. We always see wildlife, do lots of hiking, arts and crafts, play guitar and mandolin and sing, and of course we bring some good stuff to drink. Among our beverages this year we brought various local cans. Here is my brief assessment of them.


visit homepage 10,000 Summers – Saison, Big Choice Brewing: I enjoyed this beer a lot. Aroma and flavor present unique fruit candy notes that are very pleasant without the beer being too sweet, though it did have a tad more sweetness than most highly regarded saisons. Apricot, orange floral notes in the middle. Phenols from the yeast in the finish that are mild and not unwelcome. I could drink a lot of this.

buy generic Pregabalin online Lightshine Helles – Wibby Brewing: Also quite delicious. A style much more specific and narrow than saison of course, and Ryan Wibby nails it. The slightly sweet and grainy vienna malt really shines here. I don’t think you could find a better helles lager outside of Germany.

our website Codename Superfan – Odd13 Brewing: This might be the hoppiest beer I’ve ever had. It’s actually amazing that a beer can be this hoppy. Just insane amounts of fruity, dank, citrusy, earthy hops and a bitterness that, to me, seems higher than the IBUs listed. If you’re a hophead, you need to get some of this. I like my IPAs a bit more balanced with some more malt presence, but this is a remarkable accomplishment in a can. My wife wishes my IPAs were less balanced and more like this!

3-Put Pale Ale – Wonderland Brewing: Balanced, somewhat weak aroma. Caramel prominent in flavor, malty finish. I’m not sure if this is an English pale ale. Definitely not much hop presence for an American Pale Ale (note – I did not drink this one after the hop bomb Codename Superfan so it’s not that my pallet was hopped out!). This could use some dry hopping or something to wake it up a bit for me.

Over The Moon Vanilla Milk Stout – Open Door Brew Co: To me this one was way to sweet. Not much more to say about it, and yes, I know a milk stout is a sweet stout. This one is just cloying to me. I think with better attenuation, a different yeast strain, less lactose, etc this could be a great beer. Good candidate for a beer ice cream float though. Coffee ice cream perhaps?