We can test your brewing water for you! Bring us a sample of your water and for $15, we’ll give you a report including Chloride, Sulphite, Total and Residual Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Total Hardness and pH. Please allow a few hours for the tests.

We’re located in the back of the walk-through atrium in Lafayette Marketplace at 400 W. South Boulder Rd.

We can provide you with everything you need to make beer, wine or whatever else you may be fermenting at home. We have an extensive selection of base malts, specialty malts, pellet and leaf hops, liquid yeast strains (Wyeast and White Labs), dry yeasts for beer, wine, cider and mead, wine kits, beer kits, and all the equipment you’ll need including CO2 and kegging and draft supplies. We also have cheese-making kits and soda-making ingredients.

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You can also email us at info@lafayettehomebrew.com